Match Predictor

Feeling lucky? Guess what happens in today’s match and stand a chance to win prizes.

Kids & Games

Game of Places

Game of Places is the classic game of Atlas where you have to say names of places. You can enjoy game of places with your friends, family or just solo (with Alexa).

Spiritual & Lifestyle

Sadguru Whispers

Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur brings you Sadguru Whispers on Alexa. A message from the Divine that will help us remain uninfluenced by the external distractions. A process, that will truly help us experience God at every step of our lives.

Lifestyle & Trivia

Guess The Voice

Guess the Voice is a fun trivia game where you get to listen an audio clip and name the person whose voice it is.

Cricket & Trivia

Daily Cricket Trivia

Play Daily Cricket Trivia by Volkswagen on Alexa, compete with others on the leaderboard and win exciting prizes.

Bollywood & Entertainment

Impossible Bollywood Quiz

WARNING: Playing this game maybe potentially harmful to your Bollywood gyaan. Aap tine confuooj ho jaoge, ki soche kahan se aur answer kahan se de 😛